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How does RBS Support Work?

Our response time and method of response are different for each level of Maintenance. ALL cases require a Support Ticket for all levels. Priority customers may phone in for support or use the Live Chat system after entering a Support Ticket. Basic support customers, please use the Online Helpdesk.


Type of Maintenance

Response Time

Response Method

Priority Maintenance 4 hours during business days Phone, Helpdesk, Live Chat, & Remote Support

Basic Maintenance Within 24 hours during business days

Helpdesk, KB, & Live Chat

Subscription Licenses Within 48 hours during business days

Helpdesk and KB Only

No Maintenance

Knowledge Base Only

Emergency Pay-Per-Case
(after hours)

within 4 hours, 24x7x365 Phone, Helpdesk, Live Chat, & Remote Support

Emergency Pay-Per-Case (business days)

Within 2 hours during business days. Phone, Helpdesk, Live Chat, & Remote Support

Maintenance Packages contain valuable services that can help make your Remote Backup Service successful and competitive. Almost all public Remote Backup Services keep a Maintenance Package in force. The benefits are well worth the price. Click here for more information on Maintenance Packages.


RBackup Quick Start Guide

RBackup comes as two modules - a Server, and Clients. The Server software runs on the computer that will receive backups from clients. This is usually a big computer with a lot of storage space. The Client software runs on the computers that will send backups to the Server.

The downloaded installation package (or the CD) should be installed on the computer you want to use as a Server. This will install the RBS Server, and it will also copy your Client installer into a folder where you can customize and brand it for your business. You may then make copies of the Client installer to install on your client computers.

The Evaluation Version will optionally install the Client software on the same computer as the Server so you can test RBackup quickly without the need for two computers or the Internet. You may also download an RBackup Evaluation Client installer to install RBackup Clients on other computers and do backups and restores over the Internet.

We strongly encourage you to spend ten minutes now watching a video that explains how to install and test the Evaluation software. Click Here to watch the movie.

For the Evaluation Version, we have set all of the defaults for you. You may change any of our settings. We have set the Client software to run in its Simple User Interface mode. The installer will create and pre-select a folder called C:\RBS Demo\ with some sample files to back up and restore.

The Evaluation Client is pre-registered to the Evaluation Server using the account named DEMO so during installation it asks only for your Server's IP address. If you need another copy of the Evaluation Client, you can download it here. 

Download a Fully-Functional 15-Day Trial Version!

The most robust, feature-rich, brandable Online Backup Software on the market. Test drive everything RBackup has to offer.


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