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"i really appreciate your time and persistance .... really liking rbs support .... its a rare day i have to contact support of any kind, and you guys are impressing me already :)" W.B., CO

"When we’ve called, the support people have done VERY VERY VERY well working with us. They grab a shared screen session and they knock it out! And, on top of knocking it out when we have questions about what they did and how they did it, they’ve been great!" W.P., GA

"We have nearly 2,500 endpoints installed and actively backing up each night." M.R., MD

"Thank you so much Kat. You guys are truly the best backup service I've encountered in all my years of IT support (7 years)." S.D. Tampa, FL

"Perfect and thank you! My biggest selling feature of your software compared to the "big players" like Acronis was your support and availability. :-)" R.H. Manitoba, Canada

"Thank you so very much! I sure know who to recommend if I run across someone still running Ahsay. :D"  S.H. Norway


"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with you and RBS. I have never had more fun working with software and getting a new portion of my business set up. I have always enjoyed new challenges and new." M.R. OH USA

"It is good to find a company that you can speak to the boss on a human level. We are a very low maintenance company with some really great potential, I hope to do some more business in the future." R.A. CA USA

"I just wanted to take a minute to express my newfound feeling of confidence. I am what you might call a very cautious person, one who is leery of everything/everyone. So when my husband found RBS he flipped. He was very excited, and wanted to get involved, dragging me into it by my hair. I read the emails that were sent and did some investigating on my own. Finally on Jun 1, I told Jerry to go ahead and order. (Still leery, because it was going to be MY business and he wanted to work for me, I'm the businessperson and he is the 'puter geek).

"To make a long story short, THANK YOU! It is really different to be involved with a company that has their customer's CONCERN, CARING, and BEST INTEREST at heart. Thanks again." M.B. CO USA

"I know you are busier than a one armed wallpaper hanger and that is why I feel I owe you a special thank you, for taking time from your very hectic day to help me with my restoring. I truly appreciate your time and the fine assistance and especially the reassurance..." C.S. AL USA

I have started looking over your offering and all I can say is WOW!!! Your stuff is priceless. It is as complete as it gets." G.B. QC CANADA

Rob, It took you a good five minutes to respond! Once again I'm totally blown away by your customer service. That's something rare these days and it's very impressive. I'll strive for the same customer service in my own RBS business. I'm looking forward to future dealings with you." S.M. NY USA

"...The application performed very well on the test that I scheduled for 1 PM. File backed up to server without a hitch. I then restored the file with no problem. Wonderful result. Boss is happy, owner is happy!" R.B. CA USA

"Rob, I just wanted to say thanks for the free 1 year tech support. I've talked to you 2 times over the years and both times you were always kind to me. I been waiting for years to start a business and to have remote backup as one of the services that I would offer. This software is the one that I have been waiting for." T.S. PA USA

"Thanks guys for all your help this morning. You have helped me enormously with getting my system up and running. It's great to know that there is such strong support behind the product!" A.G. NSW AUS

"I'm sure you already know it but you have a great tech support department. Quick, knowledgeable responses and a wealth of information, day or night. Amazing stuff. Thanks again." A.C. FL USA

"I am about half way through the RBS book. What a wonderful book!! It has so much information, in an easy to read format. I am really getting excited about this business. I know it will be a success, I am just a little worried about growing too big, too fast!" D.A. WA USA

"Your energy and drive are truly an inspiration to me and I'm sure to others also. Thanks for sharing your creation with us so we can all become successful... Keep up the good work!" C.G. IL USA

"I restored my first client today. His PC had crashed due to a power spike. I reformatted his hard drive and restored his data from my RBS system. He was up and running in two hours. The guy was wrapped. Made me feel good too!" T.V. New Zealand

"Very few software providers freely disseminate information regarding future inclusions and upgrades like you do. Even fewer accept much input regarding potential changes and upgrades. you listen!" M.K. FL USA


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