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  • RBackup O365 is an onsite backup solution for securely backing up Microsoft Office 365 users data. RBackup O365 is a standalone desktop application designed to backup Exchange and OneDrive data from the Microsoft Office 365 cloud to an onsite location in encrypted format. 

    Exchange and OneDrive data are critical for any business, and it is required to protect them from accidental deletion, user errors, ransomware, and data corruption. RBackup O365 is a one stop solution to mitigate both internal and external threat. In case if any mishap with Office 365 cloud, you can restore the onsite users data (Exchange/ OneDrive) to Office 365 cloud or to local machine. 

    RBackup O365 is an enterprise class HIPPA compliant backup solution which offers extensive backup reports and notifications to users. 

  • RBackup O365 is a licensed onsite backup solution for securely backing up Microsoft Office 365 users Exchange and OneDrive data. It is an excellent data loss prevention tool that automatically backs up selected exchange and OneDrive accounts.

    RBackup O365 simple one click configuration, allows the Service Provider to add one or multiple Microsoft Office 365 (domains) accounts. RBackup O365 communicates with Microsoft Office 365 cloud using secured account specific secret key and retrieves all the associated user accounts. Using RBackup O365, Service Provider can view all the users associated with the Microsoft Office 365 account and can choose to back up all the users mailboxes and OneDrive files or choose specific users.

    RBackup O365’s smart inbuilt data sync algorithm and scheduler ensures the backup is up to date. The backup process is highly secure as the data is encrypted using the strongest cryptographic methods in the world.

    RBackup O365 offers the simplest restore features. The user is provided with the option of restoring the data to the original cloud location or an alternate local folder. This tool also allows the user to restore the exchange files in PST format. The RBackup O365 offers extensive reporting features and custom notification options to notify the customers on the backup status.

  • RBackup O365 is licensed based on the number of Microsoft Office 365 (domains) accounts added. Every domain in Microsoft office 365 is treated as an account.

    For example, if you are backing up two Microsoft Office 365 Accounts, you need to have 2 licenses, one license per account. RBackup O365 license does not restrict number of users or volume of data associated with each domain.

    RBackup O365 is one-price, lifetime license model. Permanent Licenses never expire, they recycle automatically. Adding new Office 365 accounts uses licenses and deleting Office 365 accounts returns licenses to the Server.

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