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Remote HelpDesk

The ultimate in convenient customer service is included with your Priority Maintenance Subscription. You can remotely access and control your client's computers. SSL Encryption for security, seamlessly passes through routers.

Other companies charge $70/year per computer. One popular service charges $1248/year for 25 clients. RBS gives you this valuable service for ALL your clients as part of your Priority Maintenance Subscription.

A Priority maintenance subscription is required. You will save time and money, while offering your customers a high level of support. The Remote HelpDesk is based on the popular UltraVNC, running through a repeater in RBS' Data Center. All connections from your clients and from your own computer are OUTBOUND through the RBS Repeater. So, there are no routers to be adjusted. You can support your clients from any Internet-connected computer.

There are two applications to the Remote HelpDesk. Your clients run the Remote HelpDesk Client. You run the Remote HelpDesk Viewer. RBS provides hosted online installation of both applications, so you don't have to distribute software. Just click the links. Both applications automatically uninstall themselves at the end of a session.

Read the Viewer documentation here.

Try it! Start the Viewer first. The links below will download the Remote HelpDesk. (Priority Maintenance is required.)

Remote HelpDesk Viewer (Service Provider) | Remote HelpDesk Client (Client)

Download a Fully-Functional 15-Day Trial Version!

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