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Online Backup Web Manager for RBackup v11

(Included with all software packages at no additional charge.)

The Web Manager for RBackup v11 places virtually all of RBackup's server controls into an easy to use web console that can be operated from any computer. Tiered logins for Admin, Group Managers, and Users allow maximum flexibility in self-service, convenience and integration.

Remote installation of this PlugIn is included. The Web Manager PlugIn requires Internet Information Server (IIS) 6.0 or greater, which will be installed if needed.

The Web Manager integrates seamlessly with the E-Commerce Plugin for a complete end-to-end web based solution for user registration, billing, credit card processing, software deployment, and tiered management.

Graphical Executive Summary - An administrative console displays graphs and charts showing critical information at a glance, including backup status for all users, the distribution of your client editions including trial accounts, your available and used licenses, your server's load over the past 24 hours, and your disk space allocation.

Service Plans - The Web Manager allows you to define an unlimited number of service plans based on quota, software edition (Personal, Desktop, Server), and assign them to Account Groups. (The E-Commerce PlugIn also ads price and payment term.)

Account Groups - You can assign Account Groups to companies or account executives who can log in and manage the Users in their accounts. You can set and manage Account Group quotas independently from User quotas. 

Multi Tenancy (an optional feature available for purchase) - The Multi Tenancy feature replaces Account Groups (above) with features that allow you to share this PlugIn (and the E-Commerce PlugIn) with "Partners" or "Resellers." Each Partner can have his own customization and branding portal, custom help files, custom email notifications, and Payment Gateway.

Free Trial Accounts - The Web Manager supports free trial accounts with limits that you can define, from 1 to 10 GB, and from 1 to 30 days. You can associate any of RBackup v11's Client Editions - Personal, Desktop, and Server - with any of your service plans or trial accounts.

Trial licenses are free, and equal to one half of the licenses available on your Server. When trial accounts expire, their licenses are added back to your pool of licenses. For example, if your Server has 400 paid licenses, RBS gives you 200 additional free licenses to use in trial accounts - a total of 600 licenses. Licenses never expire.

Live Real Time Monitor - A live real-time monitor screen uses Ajax technologies to show you the activity on your RBS Server as your users backup and restore data.

Reports - Live interactive reports can be filtered, sorted, printed, and exported to Excel. They include Executive Summary, User Summary, User Session, User Quota, Disk Resources, Transactions, and User Listing. You can run detailed reports on successful backups, missed backups, failed backups, users over quota, new users, and other statistics.

Branding - Brand your service using the built-in web-based branding utility. Add your own graphics and icons, change the client software's name, its installation folder, screen captions, help files, and more than 100 other branding options.

Customization - Customize your software's installer and the features you want to make available in your service plans. Turn some features and options off or on. Alter the way the software looks and feels. Change file retention and selection defaults. There are more than 250 customization options.

Email Notifications - The Web Manager can send eight automated, customizable HTML emails triggered by various events. Emails can be merged automatically with data like users' current storage quota, percentage of quota used, and 18 other data items. An email editor is built into the Web Manager.

There are emails for successful backups, missed backups, failed backups, users over quota, new users, plan upgrades and service cancellations. You can also manually broadcast email to all users and/or groups. The Web Manager also sends you an email whenever a new user signs up.

Web Site - The Web Manager contains a seven page Flash-enabled website that you can customize and host for yourself if you like. It integrates with the E-Commerce PlugIn.

RBS Manager - The Web Manager may not fully replace the functionality of the RBS Manager console in all situations. The RBS Manager retains all of its functionality. However, some newer functionality is available only in the Web Manager, and future enhancements to the Web Manager may not be applied to the RBS Manager.

The Web Manager WITHOUT the E-Commerce Plugin

The E-Commerce Plugin adds e-commerce functionality to the Web Manager Plugin. Without the E-Commerce Plugin, you can create service plans but cannot associate them with a Payment Gateway. So, there is not a way to accept paid orders online. Customers can sign up for plans on a "Buy Now" page, download software at no charge, and create accounts immediately. Customers can log into their accounts online through the "My Account" tab to view reports, redownload software, etc., but cannot upgrade plans or buy more storage space.

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