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Rent an Online Backup Cloud Server

The quickest, easiest way to start a full-featured Online Backup Service!

RBS can provision rented Online Backup servers in the cloud for 50 to more than 10,000 users by the next business day after your order. We will install and setup your Service in our secure data center. Within one business day you will be able to sell Online Backup Services from a customized and branded website on a dedicated server.

This is a fully automated complete Online Backup business. Accept credit cards online (merchant account required), PayPal, automatic recurring billing, offer discount coupons, automatic email notifications, immediate software deployment. Your customers can go to your website, pay for service, download software and start backing up immediately.

You can stop any time. The startup fee and first month's rent are due in advance at signup. Fees for Licenses and storage are charged in arrears on the 15th of each month for resources used during the previous 30 days.

Rented servers are complete, ready-to-run, turnkey Online Backup businesses. They include:

1. RBackup Service Provider Edition software,

2. The latest Windows Server Operating System,

3. Commissioned license fee,

4. A customized website [view sample],

5. Basic Customization and Branding [more info],

6. The Web Manager Plug-in [more info],

7. The E-Commerce Plug-in [more info],

8. SQL for RBS Server Plug-in [more info],

9. Installation in the Cloud, Hosting included,

10. Dedicated IP Address, Data Storage Space,

11. Mail Server (SMTP), Web Server (IIS), SQL Server,

12. FTP Server so you can edit your web site,

13. Basic Support

* Some options available in self-hosted software are not available in Cloud Services.



Prices for Cloud Servers are based on the size of the Server you need. The Servers have different amounts of available bandwidth, CPU speeds, processor types, and RAM. All operating systems are Windows Server 2022 R2 Editions. Select the Server for your anticipated load.

RBackup uses one License for every computer being backed up.

Cloud Server Size Startup Monthly
$/License/Month $/GB/Month Storage
Small (Up to 400 Licenses) $1,000 $150 $1.50 $0.35 100GB BUY IT
Medium (Up to 3,000 Licenses) $1,000 $500 $1.00 $0.30 500GB BUY IT
Large (Up to 20,000 Licenses) $1,000 $750 $0.80 $0.25 1TB BUY IT

Per GB prices are for compressed data as it is stored on the RBS Server. These file sizes are typically 1/4 to 1/2 the native size of your customers' files. You will charge your customers by native file size, thereby effectively multiplying your storage capacity (or reducing your storage price by 1/4 to 1/2.) Typically 1GB of your customers' data is stored as about 400MB on your Cloud Server.

Cost/Profit Example: Backing up 40 Workstations, with a total of 500GB of native file size.

Licenses Used: 40 $120
Storage Space Used: 125 GB (estimate, 1/4 of Native file size) $8.75
Monthly Rent Fee:   $150
Total Cost   $278.75
If you charge your customers $89/month per server, and $49/month per workstation, and give them 30GB of storage per Server and 10GB of storage per workstation, you will bill your customers $1,870 per month. Your cost for your Cloud Server is $278.75 per month. Your profit is $1,591.25 per month. Your profit increases as your customers use more disk space.

Advanced Services

Any of our Cloud Server plans can be enhanced by adding advanced services.

Extra Info Price
Advanced Customization [more info] $1,200
24/7 Proactive Monitoring   $25/month
Priority Support [more info] $20/month
Upgrade Cloud Server Plan   $200
Custom Virtual Hardware Configuration   $1,000

* Bulk Loading for first full backups is not available. Bulk restore via USB drive is not available. Cannot transfer client data to self-hosted server or RBS Virtual Hosting. Service Providers do not have access to the Cloud Server's console (All management is done through the Web Manager/E-Commerce Interface.) Data compression ratios cannot be accurately predicted. Typical data reduction through compression is 1/2 to 1/4, but some files (pictures, sound, movies, etc.) cannot be compressed at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

These look like small servers. Are they adequate? Yes. RBS' Server software is very light and uses few resources. You typically do not need a "big" server until you need to service more than 250 customers.

Can I have a bigger server, or one with customized virtual hardware? Yes. There's an extra fee (and maybe a different monthly fee) to custom engineer a Cloud Server. Our standard Cloud Servers are launched quickly using pre-engineered images, so they cost less to launch.

Will I have access to my Cloud Server's console through RDP? No. You will have access to your Server through the Web Manager and E-Commerce Plug-ins, and you will have an FTP account that you can use to edit the website.

Will I be able to install other software on my Cloud Server? No. Cloud Servers are reserved only for running RBackup software.

Is there a demo of a Cloud Server? Yes, there is a public demo server at the following link:

What happens when I need more storage space? RBS provisions storage space as needed. We monitor the available drive space in your Cloud Server and automatically add additional space when you have used up one half of the space you are allocated. You will always have more available drive space than you need. You will not be charged for drive space that you do not use.

What about security? Can anyone see or steal my data? No. Data stored in your Cloud Server is completely encrypted and cannot be read. Even file names and folder names are encrypted.

Can viruses attach to my data in the Cloud? No. Files are enclosed in secure, signed packets. The Client software itself verifies the signatures before restoring.

What kind of software will my Cloud Server run? All Cloud Servers run the latest version of RBackup software.

How do I upgrade my Cloud Server when RBS issues an upgrade? RBS upgrades your Cloud Server automatically whenever we release a new version. There may be up to sixty seconds of downtime, but customers will not notice it because the Client software automatically resumes its connection without interruption. RBS issues an upgrade about every sixty days.

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