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RBackup online backup software Join the RBS Referral Network

Remote Backup Systems wants to send you some business...

The Find a Service Provider links on the RBS Web Site are for people who are looking for a Remote Backup Service Provider instead of RBS software. They usually find our web site through our highly visible, high-ranking Search Engine listings. Rather than have those prospects leave our site and visit the next site below ours for RBS services, we want to send those prospects to you.

Members of the Referral Network are also advertised in RBS' very popular Online Backup Estimator which is distributed free of charge by more than a thousand freeware and shareware services, and downloaded by thousands of consumers looking for an Online Backup Service.

Here's how it works...

To receive referrals from RBS you will need to join the RBS Referral Network. Membership in the Referral Network is free. Here are the requirements for qualification.

You must...

  • own at least 200 Licenses for RBackup Software;

  • agree to the Referral Network Agreement;


  • have had your software active for at least 90 days;

  • agree to maintain RBS' Privacy Policy;

  • maintain a high level of ethics and customer satisfaction.
  • To join the RBS Referral Network, print, sign, and fax in the Referral Network Agreement.

    Prospects will be referred to you using the following criteria.

  • You and the Prospect must be in the United States, and have U.S. Zip Codes.

  • The Post Office serving your Zip Code, and that serving the Prospect's Zip Code, must be within 25 miles of one another.
  • When we send you a referral you'll get an email with instructions. You will have 24 hours to contact the prospect. After 24 hours we will send an email to the prospect asking if he has been helped. If he has, we will thank him and disappear. If he hasn't, we will send you a second email canceling the referral, and then refer him to another Service Provider.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why must I have a 200-License version? Why the "waiting period?" Remote Backup Systems is the premier RBS company in the world. When we refer a customer to you, we can easily be seen as putting our "stamp of approval" on your business. Just a single loud complaint from one mishandled customer can adversely effect all of us very quickly.

    For the benefit of all of us, we need to make sure that we refer prospects to Service Providers who demonstrate enough experience and comittment to be able to quickly and adequately service the clients we provide. Your comittment to your business can be shown by the resources in which you are willing to invest.

    Yes, the 200-License version is more expensive than smaller versions. But someone willing to make that additional investment in their business is probably also making other investments of time and hardware that will make his/her RBS business far more capable and successful. Of course it's OK to start out with a smaller package. After you have a few clients, upgrade to at least a 200-License version and we will be more than happy to include you in the Referral Network.

    What is the price of the Referral Network? There is no additional charge.

    Why does the Referral Network service only the United States with its automated online referral system? Unfortunately, we cannot automatically calculate the geographical coordinates of UK-style Postal Codes, so we can't find the locations or the distance between them. While we will try to match non-USA referrals manually, we can't guarantee success or response time. Non-USA network members are included in all directories and referral sources.

    I tested the Referral Network by entering my own details. Why didn't I get a referral? There might be another Service Provider in your Zip or Postal Code, or closer to the post office serving your zip code. In such a case the Referral System is programmed to alternate referrals among providers. You can report trouble with the Referral Network at the Online Support Form.

    What if I get a referral on a weekend or holiday? The RBS Referral Network is fully automated, and works 24x7. RBS Providers are matched with Referrals and notified within minutes of a prospect filling out the online form, even on nights, weekends, and holidays. To avoid our system automatically redirecting a prospect after 24 hours to another Service Provider during weekends, you might want to set up some method to handle your mail automatically so you don't miss referrals after business hours. Because new Backup customers are often in a big hurry to back up immediately, it is vitally important that they have access to an RBS Service Provider as soon as possible.

    How do you determine distances? We use the latest data published by the US Postal Service and other services for the geographical coordinates of the post offices that service the Zip Code or Postal Code. Referrals are made based on geographical coordinates of the Post Offices - not on the zip codes themselves. Many Post Offices are not at the center of their service area, and many are even geographically distant. We do the best we can do, but because we rely on data that are out of our control, RBS cannot absolutely guarantee that we will make referrals which are geographically close to your physical location.

    What happens if someone enters an erroneous Zip Code at your web site? The referral goes into the "dead referral" bin at RBS, where we try to handle it manually.

    Do you send the Prospect my details? No. The Prospect's details are sent to you directly. An Email is sent to the Prospect thanking him for his information and telling him his details have been referred to a Service Provider.

    What if I get a referral I can't handle? It sometimes happens. You're out of user licenses and you don't want to buy more; you don't have enough bandwidth or a big enough Server for a big client; you don't own the PlugIns needed for the customer. Remote Backup Systems will be happy to find another Service Provider for your customer, and sometimes a Finder's Fee as well.

    What if a referral turns out to be someone looking for "competitors" before starting his own RBS? That happens, too. You can earn a 10% commission by helping us make a sale. Contact with the details and we'll take it from there. If we make the sale, we'll send you a check.

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