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Online Backup Utility for Web Sites version 4.1

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SiteShelter 4.1

SiteShelter is an automated, scheduled utility that backs up, mirrors, monitors, and even repairs web sites and FTP sites. With powerful scheduling and custom exclusions, SiteShelter is perfect for website developers who want to provide an online backup service for their clients' web sites, or for Remote Backup Service Providers who want to add additional income by backing up web sites.

SiteShelter can back up web sites (and FTP sites) hosted on all types of servers - Windows, Unix, Linux, and others. It automatically detects the type of server it is backing up. It can back up an unlimited number of web sites or FTP sites concurrently. So, it's great for high-volume backups of multiple sites.

SiteShelter can be programmed to launch automatically during off-peak hours when bandwidth is plentiful. To restore data, use any standard FTP client software to upload files that have been backed up using SiteShelter. Only files that have changed or that have been added since the last backup are downloaded.

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Configurable Version History Retention
  • EMails Logs and Notifications
  • Backup Mode Backs Up Internet Sites
  • Mirror Mode Mirrors Sites
  • Repair Mode Automatically Repairs Sites
  • Watch Mode Notifies of Changes
  • Estimator Function
  • Multiple Concurrent Sites
  • Supports Anonymous Logins
  • Configurable Start Directory
  • Flexible Automatic Scheduling
  • Configurable Log Detail
  • Works With All FTP Servers
  • Follows Symbolic Links
  • MANY more features...
  • Limitations: SiteShelter backs up files that can be accessed through FTP. Therefore, it may not back up locked databases or files that are unavailable for download because of their file permission settings. Test the evaluation version before purchasing.

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