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Permission to Access

Continue ONLY if you have been recently instructed to do so by an RBS Technician and you have been given an ID Code.

Before we can take control of your computer to help you, we need you to "electronically sign" this document. After you click the "SUBMIT" button we will be able to take control of your computer remotely.

All communications between your computer and our technician are encrypted and completely safe. All data transfers are encrypted and safe. At the end of the Remote Help session the remote help software will be automatically uninstalled from your computer.


This document specifically grants Remote Backup Systems (RBS) permission and passage to access client's computer and data networks, hardware and stored data files. This access is granted to facilitate the evaluation of the state of the data stored, currently and/or previously, on computing equipment on said network, and to troubleshoot, evaluate, install software on, and/or otherwise service said network or equipment.

This permission is granted fully and willfully by signed client, and said evaluation takes place at client's request. In no event shall RBS be liable for any data loss, either currently or previously stored on any computing equipment on client's network, further clarifying and affirming the separation of liability as stated in the Software License Agreement, which is hereby made a part of this Permission to Access agreement.

By accepting this agreement you affirm your acceptance of the Standard Software License Agreement which can be read here.

RBS agrees to take all normal precautions to ensure that any personally identifiable information that might become known to us is kept confidential, and that printed or digital information is destroyed following this support session.

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