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  • Online Demonstrations (Flash player required)

    The first four movies walk you step-by-step through installing the Evaluation software, configuring your RBS Server, testing your RBS Server, and building a Client installer that you can install on any computer. We recommend viewing them before installing the Evaluation software.

    Installing and Running the Evaluation Software (10:20)

  • Install the Evaluation Software
  • Select files for Backup
  • Run a Backup
  • Restore Files
  • Configuring the RBS Server for the Internet (6:40)

  • The RBS Manager Properties Screen
  • Configure the RBS Server for the Internet
  • Set the Command Port
  • Set the Data Ports
  • Using the Online Server Tester (6:40)

  • Test your RBS Server before Installing Client Software
  • IP Addresses
  • Routers and Firewalls
  • Building an RBackup Client Installer (7:10)

  • Customize your Client installer
  • Set up your Client Installer to Operate on the Internet
  • Create a Client Installer as a Self-Extracting Installer (EXE File)
  • RBS Client Software Demonstration (20 minutes)

    RBS Server Software Demonstration (10 minutes)

    Client and Server Software, Full Presentation (30 minutes)

    How-To Videos (Windows Media Player)

    Build a Simple Client Installer with the RBS Manager (5:35) This video shows how to build a bare-bones Client installer with the minimum number of settings for RBackup Online Backup Software. It uses the RBS Manager console application. There is another video that shows how to use the Web Manager for the same task.

    Configure Email Notifications with the RBS Manager (9:05) Learn how to configure email notifications with RBackup v11 using the RBS Manager Console Application.

    Configure Email Notifications with the Web Manager (8:14) Learn how to configure email notifications with RBackup v11 using the Web Manager.

    Recorded Webinars (Windows Media Player)

    Branding and Customizing Client Software using the Partner Portal - Rob demonstrates how to completely brand Client software - Icons, graphics, software name, company name, and hundreds of other branding options. February 20, 2014 (about 1 hour)

    Introduction to the Partner's Portal - An introduction to the Partner's Portal as it was in January 2014 (about 30 minutes)

    Sales and Marketing with Mitch Romm - Our guest is Mitch Romm of Dr. Backup ( (about 1 hour)

    Ad hoc Technical Session - Customize and brand the Client installer, including the icons. Install the client. Quick demo of the Web Manager. (1 hour)

    Ad Hoc Technical Session (58 Minutes) | Get the Webinar notes here.

    Prospecting Techniques, Part 1 - Audio only, (47 Minutes) | Get the Powerpoint Presentation

    Online Backup Sales Techniques - Using Testimonials and Referrals (50 Minutes)

      This Webinar, presented by Dave Branch, discusses how to use Testimonials and Referrals to increase your sales. The PowerPoint Slides can be downloaded here.

    Best Practices for Client Setup (1 hr 17 Minutes)

      This Webinar is a wide-ranging discussion about Best Practices for setting up the Client software to properly back up end user data under various conditions and user requirements. It includes suggestions about file selections, retention settings, encryption keys, and much more. It is highly interactive, and includes many questions from attendees with answers by Rob and Pinku.

    Demonstration of branding and customization of RBackup Client (1 hr 10 Minutes)

      This webinar demonstrates how to customize, brand, and build the RBackup Client installer. It is highly interactive, and includes many insightful questions from attendees with answers by Rob and Pinku.

    Demonstration of RBackup v11 Web Manager and E-Commerce PlugIn (1 hr 30 Minutes)

      This webinar demonstrates the pre-release version of Remote Backup Systems' RBackup Version 11 Web Manager and E-Commerce PlugIns.

    Backup in the Cloud, Featuring RBackup Remote Backup (60 Minutes)

      This webinar shows you how to deploy an RBackup Server in Amazon's EC2 Cloud Computing platform. Watch live as we show you how to create an instance in the Cloud and install RBackup.

    Customizing the Client Documentation (17 Minutes)

      This short Webinar shows you how to customize the RBackup Client documentation using the $49 GridinSoft CHM Editor from

    RBackup Client Customization (60 Minutes)

      This webinar will show you how to completely customize and brand the RBackup Client software to include your own company name and graphics, functionality, file selections, locks, and more.

    Mercury Server Utilities (45 Minutes)

      A demonstration of the server-side utilities for Mercury, including the use of the CRM, the Trial Accounts management system, User Console, Licensing Control system, etc.
    RBackup Simple Interface (30 Minutes)
      A demonstration of the new Simple Interface included with the latest version of RBackup. Includes customization instructions, with questions and answers.

    Introduction to Mercury Secure Online Backup Platform

      Mercury is our latest Online Backup platform. Designed for large-scale use on laptops and personal computers, it can compete with the most successful consumer-grade online backup systems. Read more about it here:

    Rbackup Client Part 2

    • System Tray Menu.
    • Copy To Disk backups
    • Run Now and Scheduled Backups
    • Restore and Redirect Restore
    • Advanced Search and AutoSelect in restore
    • How does BitBackup work?
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Delete Files from the Server
    • Logging options
    • Uninstall

    Advanced Customization and Branding

    • Change company name
    • Change software name
    • Change icons and graphics
    • Using Client Locks
    • Changing Installation Behavior
    • Adding a top-level menu choice

    RBackup Server-Side Plugins and Utilities

    • Registration Wizard
    • Email Notifications
    • Online Installer
    • EXE installer

    Disaster Recovery Procedures

    • Verify Client Settings
    • Save Encryption Keys
    • What NOT to do After a Disaster
    • The Disaster Recovery Option
    • The Disaster Recovery Process
    • Restoring Files at the Server
    • The Disk Restore Utility

    Troubleshooting Issues

      1) Timeout errors (10060/10061) or Client not connecting to Server.
      • Port Forwarding Issues (server-side router/firewall).
      • 'Error 76: Path not found' on server.
      • Checking client-side credentials.
      • Error 530 on client.
      • Client behind ISA Firewall.
      • Checking Software firewall/Internet Security (example: Norton) on client.

      2) Client not launching on Schedule.
      • Checking schedule settings, client-side logs.
      • 2003 Server DEP settings.
      • Windows Task Scheduler.

      3) Client-side Temp Path and BitBackup Reference Path.
      • Error 75/76 Path not found.
      • Assigning Temp Path and BitBackup Ref. Path options on client.

      4) Clearing File Exceptions on client.
      • Error 527 Open/Locked file exceptions.
      • File Permissions.
      • How to exclude the 'Recycle Bin' and hidden/system files from file selections.
      • Client not purging old files.

      5) Client does not see mapped or network drives.
      • Service Mode/Local System Account.
      • Alternatives.

      6) Client Installation Issues.
      • Error 429 Registration Error.
      • Automation Errors on client.
      • Client not launching from system tray.
      • Manual Uninstallation steps.

      7) Backup is slow.
      • Recheck File Selections.
      • Internet speed and Bandwidth.
      • Online Transmission Time Calculator.
      • Anti-virus software.
      • System Resources.

    Server and Client Installation

    • Installation, configuration, and testing the Server software
    • Customizing the Client Installer.
    • Creating a Client installer.
    • Installing the Client software.
    • File selection options.
    • Performing backups and restores.
    • Scheduling options.
    • Purge and Retention settings.

    Commercials (Flash player required)

    Introducing RBackup Version 11

    "Three Ways to Lose Your Data"

    "Bull Happens"

    "The Online Backup Sock Monkey"

    Radio and TV

    Interview with Tommy and Rob on KLAV Radio (Audio)
    | Windows Media | MP3 |

    Radio spot running in high-tech markets (Audio)
    | Windows Media |

    Tommy Gardner interviewed about the Emergency Hot Site activated for Hurricane Frances (Video).
    | Real Player | Windows Media

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