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Version 8.53 Upgrade

Release date: October 10, 2005

RBackup version 8.53 is the latest version of RBackup Remote Backup Software. This upgrade is backwardly-compatible with all versions since 8.40. It is available free of charge to Service Providers with Maintenance Subscriptions in force.

Please read the documentation completely, as well as the updates described on this page.

To upgrade to this version, pick this link.

Version 8.53

Append Mode Append Mode was added to the file transmission protocol to allow resuming file transfers in mid-file when routers and firewalls time out due to misconfigured idle timeout settings. Append mode will work only when both Client and Server are version 8.53 or greater, and only with Transfer Verification on the client set to File-By-File. Append mode works during backups and restores.

Updated Exception Handling Exception Handling has been updated to make recovery from minor Internet, router, and firewall glitches more automatic.

Archive File Handling Added a new setting to Set and Reset the Archive flag on the client interface. (Right click on drives/folders from the left hand pane of the client to view these options.) Previous version only had a reset option.

Better Session Quota Management Previous versions end the session when they encounter the first file that exceeds the session quota limit. This version looks for other smaller files within the set, and backs them up instead of the larger file, if the session quota has room for them. We advise setting the session quota to "unlimited," which is the default.

Client Service Installer The Client installer now asks if you want to install it as a Service. Previous versions didn't ask, although they could be installed as a Service or an Application other ways.

System Service on System Tray Options Added a new option to Install and Uninstall the client as a service from the system tray menu. This option can be disabled through the new "DontAskService" setting.

Inhibit Installing as a Service A new registry key, "DontAskService," inhibits installing the Client as a Service. If the key is set to FALSE, the Client installer presents an option to install it as a Service. If set to TRUE, it will not ask, and will install as an Application instead.

Updated Synchronization Routines The catalog sync routines are now faster and more efficient.

Immediate Schedule Changes Changes to schedules on the Client are now reflected immediately in the scheduler.

Overlapping Backup Sets Backup sets with beginning and ending times that overlapped other backup sets were sometimes mishandled. This has been corrected.

More Info in Backup Logs Backup Logs should now reflect what type of backup is being performed (i.e. full, incremental or differential)

Midnight Schedule Control was missing 00:00 (midnight). This has now been added.

Help Files Help Files and Documentation have been updated.

Installers The Server and Client Installers have been updated, making uninstallation cleaner for both. Both now present "Are you sure?" prompts during uninstallation, and now optionally delete their own setup and data files. This change effects mostly Evaluation Versions, since live versions aren't typically uninstalled.

Override Default AutoSelect Behavior Added a new setting to change the default behavior of the AutoSelect feature. Normally, AutoSelect scans all hard drives that are not specifically excluded by a red X, beginning at the root of the drive and working its way through all folders. You can override this behavior and make AutoSelect scan only folders that are selected with a green checkmark. This can speed up the scanning process and limit file selection for backup sets where the location of files is known.

Registration Wizard PlugIn Upgraded communications with the RBS Server, added the ability to change the labels on the input fields.

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