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RBS Live Community Chat Rooms

Scroll down for the web-based IRC Chat Client.

You can also IRC to: irc://

The Rules:

  • Be Nice - No bad language, insults, or aggression.
  • Participate - Ask questions. Answer questions!
  • No Commercial Speech - Don't try to sell stuff.
  • Be SFW - "Safe For Work" means no profanity or questionable pictures.
  • Be Relevant - Don't spam us with irrelevant posts.
  • No Tech Support - Because we only have an hour, we can't do tech support here.
  • No Complaining - OK, maybe a little complaining if necessary, but then let's take it offline.
  • Stay Relevant to the Channel - Sometimes the moderator will open new channels for specific conversations. Change channels when necessary.
  • The Moderator has the sole authority to interpret and enforce rules, warn, and ban participants.

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